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Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis

In this application note, the fundamental principles of vector network analysis will be reviewed. The discussion includes the common parameters that can be measured, including the concept of scattering parameters (S-parameters). RF fundamentals such as transmission lines and the Smith chart will also be reviewed. Agilent Technologies offers a wide range of both scalar and vector network analyzers for characterizing components from DC to 110 GHz. These instruments are available with a wide range of options to simplify testing

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RF Small Signal Design Using Two-Port Parameters

Design of the solid-state, small-signal RF amplifier using two-port parameters is a systematic, mathematical procedure, with an exact solution (free from approximation) available for the complete design problem. The only sources of error in the final design are parameter variations resulting from transistor parameter distributions and strays in the physical circuit. Parameter distributions result from limits in measurement and random variations among identically designed transistors. The purpose of this paper is to provide, in a single working reference, the

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S-Parameter Design

The need for new high-frequency, solid-state circuit design techniques has been recognized both by microwave engineers and circuit designers. These engineers are being asked to design solid state circuits that will operate at higher and higher frequencies. The development of microwave transistors and Agilent Technologies’ network analysis instrumentation systems that permit complete network characterization in the microwave frequency range have greatly assisted these engineers in their work. The Agilent Microwave Division’s lab staff has developed a high frequency circuit

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S-Band Low Noise Amplifier Using the ATF-10136

This application note documents the results of using the ATF-10136 in low noise amplifier applications at S band. The ATF-10136 device is capable of a 0.5 dB noise figure at 2.3 GHz. The ATF-10136 is packaged in a low cost 100 mil micro-x package. To achieve the lowest possible noise figure that the device is capable of producing, the input matching structure must transform the system impedance, usually 50 ohms, to an impedance represented by GO. GO

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