Recent Progress on Liquid Metals and their Applications

Gallium-based liquid metals show excellent thermal and electrical conductivities with low viscosity and non-toxicity. Their melting points are either lower than or close to room temperature, which endows them with additional advantages in comparison to the solid metals; for example, they are flexible, stretchable and reformable at room temperature. Recently, great improvements have been achieved in developing multifunctional devices by using Ga-based liquid metals, including actuators, flexible circuits, bio-devices and self-healing superconductors. Here, we review recent research progress on

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A Single-Feed, High-Gain, Circularly Polarized S-Band Antenna and Its Test Coupler

The development of a single-feed, high-gain, circularly polarized "cup-dipole" antenna, operated over the frequency band of 2. 24-2. 25 GHz, and its test coupler is described. The antenna consists of a turnstile feed of crossed dipoles of unequal lengths, backed by a cup cavity. With a cup size of 1. 33\ in diameter, it produces a gain of 12. 7 dB when matched to a VSWR of 1. 1. This corresponds to an effective receiving area 6% larger than

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Network Analyzer Measurements Filter and Amplifier Examples

The network analyzer is used for a variety of device and component characterization tasks in both laboratory and production environments. This highly accurate instrument can evaluate both active and passive components for measurements of a filter and amplifier, as will be demonstrated in this application note. With the addition of time-domain capability, a network analyzer can also gate out unwanted responses during measurements, leaving only the desired information. Agilent Technologies offers a wide range of RF and microwave network

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Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis

In this application note, the fundamental principles of vector network analysis will be reviewed. The discussion includes the common parameters that can be measured, including the concept of scattering parameters (S-parameters). RF fundamentals such as transmission lines and the Smith chart will also be reviewed. Agilent Technologies offers a wide range of both scalar and vector network analyzers for characterizing components from DC to 110 GHz. These instruments are available with a wide range of options to simplify testing

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