Easy Hole Plating at Home

Easy hole plating at home. A VIA (Latin for path or way, aka Vertical Interconnect Access) must be often plated, to interconnect lower side ground plane and tracks located on the upper side or to provide with an escape route for heat a medium-power active device. A rather simple method to plate the vias in a printed circuit board for frequencies up to microwaves, even with challenging substrates such as Teflon is described in the following lines. In the following

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18W 5GHz FM-ATV Tx

The idea was to build a 5GHz FM-ATV Tx starting from existing drone TV transmitters, skipping some of the many technical problems related. A big variety of commercial devices –generally of Chinese production- are available on the market. A total of eight rigs have been tested as to Pout (value and decay), operating frequencies, video to audio subcarriers ratio, cost.Three basic issues came up and had to be considered. A) Pre-emphasis. B) Audio subcarrier level. C) Most of these

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